North Country Flooring has installed many commercial floors over the years, so we understand exactly what your needs to have a successful long lasting floor, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about which flooring is right for you.

     Altro Commercial Vinyl

Commercial vinyls are often designed to hold up under considerable wear and tear. There are MANY different options out there for commercial vinyls, so which is the best for you?

  • Altro makes a great variety of vinyl safety flooring. We have installed this in commercial kitchens, hospital clean rooms, and funeral homes. This is especially useful in clean rooms, where the main goal is having an area free of seams or openings that can trap bacteria, in this case we flash it up the wall six inches creating a ‘bowl’ where all the seams are heat welded together. Safety flooring is also slip resistant, which is excellent in commercial kitchens where grease can be a safety hazard, or in any other room where water on the floor can potentially cause a problem.


  • Altro also makes a great acoustic floor which we have put into schools and office spaces where you want to keep sound to a minimum. Altro’s acoustic floor provides sound absorption of 18 db. It also provides a great natural wood look. Here is a picture of one such job where we installed it in Kimble Union Academy’s media space


  • If you are interested in learning more about the various Altro Flooring options you can visit their site here

     Nora Commercial Rubber Flooring

Using rubber flooring in commercial spaces is one of the longest lasting options out there, and it is also very easy to maintain. It comes in sheets, tiles, and even stair treads, all three we have worked with in the past and have had great results. The absolute BEST part of Nora rubber is that it can be installed with a tape system instead of glue, that means no odor, no chemicals, and faster installation. The tape is applied to the floor first, then cut away and the flooring is installed over it, it can be walked on right away as opposed to glue’s varying set times.

  • Nora sheet flooring is great for hospital rooms like this CT scan room we did a few months ago. This was set into the tape system, and it came out beautiful! They chose Rubber flooring because it is durable and easier to maintain than the vinyl they had installed previously.


  • Nora Rubber tiles are a great option, if any damage should happen to occur you don’t have to replace a whole sheet, just a single tile. They also look very nice! If you are interested in knowing more about Nora rubber floors you can have a look at their site here


     Marmoleum Commercial Applications

Marmoleum is one of the best flooring products out there. Unfortunately some people have a negative view of it, because too many installers don’t know how to put it in correctly, and the results may not be very good. North Country Flooring is Master Mechanic certified from Forbo to install Marmoleum, so we know exactly what we are doing with it. Marmoleum is all natural, made from linseed oil and wood, you could bury this stuff in the ground and it would decompose, making Marmoluem one of the healthiest and environment friendly options.


  • Marmoleum comes in a variety of colors and options, but is not limited to just those. We can help you to design custom borders and inlays to create a unique space. For example we did one job in a hospital in Vermont where we installed borders along the sides of the hallways where nurses walked. Have a look!


  • Marmoleum flooring can also be flashed up the wall to create clean or sterile rooms. The seams are all heat welded to ensure they are water tight and last.


  • If you are interested in learning more you can visit their website here




If you have any more questions about what floor best matches your commercial space, or are looking to have a floor redone feel free to contact us! We would be happy to answer any of your questions or meet with you.